Your support network on tap!

It can’t be denied that we do like to spend time on our own.

Yet, sometimes we all need someone to share moments with. The neurodivergent way.

Maybe we need some company to manage a crowd, or just we just want to have a chinwag. Share our spins, stims, and whims.

It happens to all of us. We get into a situation and think “oh, this would be easier with a friend’s support”.

Sometimes we might need to see a dreaded professional and we may find desirable to have a witness and a little backup.

Or we might need to go to do a big (or even small!) shopping and really dread the thought of facing the crowd alone.

Even walking the dog can be more pleasurable on occasions with a little company.

For someone, having the opportunity to learn and/or practice speaking English could be invaluable.

Or you may like some body doubling!

Here are some example of what befriending can offer:

  • Online chats (from 10 minutes upward): WhatsApp, FB messenger, Zoom, or Skype. Sometimes a person may simply want to share something quickly and don’t need a long chat. Other times someone may need an hour or more to express themselves.
  • Face to face at home company: Some people prefer “old school” interactions.
  • Shopping, walking the dog, and outdoor activities for people with sensory and/or other challenges
  • Chaperoning: accompanying people to doctors/professional/etc. appointments
  • Witness: providing support for challenging meetings and appointments

Whatever it is you need some company for, get in touch. And don’t forget to check my commitment to you!

I am looking for funding and in the meantime I am not charging for my activities. Feel free to buy me a cuppa if you think I earnt it 🙂

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