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Life is like a mountain trail.

As we progress, we find people straggling behind. When we do, we will walk back a bit, and stretch our hand to help them find their footing. When we can, we also offer some tips of how to negotiate the terrain and not become discouraged by the seemingly endless path ahead.

Sometimes we will walk alongside them for a while, sharing a part of the journey.

Hopefully, someone ahead of us will do the same for us when we need it.

I said this 😉

Once upon a time in a land far, far away … in a time when windows were only on houses and apples on trees … a time when neither computers nor autism had yet been invented … A weird boy was born.

Thrown away by his family he found refuge in an old convent. One day the king of a very small kingdom, was looking to adopt an heir as he was unable to have any of his own.

“This boy is cute” said the queen “He has a lovely smile”.

The king quickly asked: “But is he quiet? I don’t want any noisy children”.

“Yes sire,” said the nuns. “But he needs some love, he is a little special”. “I am the king; I know what to do” said the king arrogantly.

The boy was certainly quiet, and this incurred the wrath of the queen mother.

Soon the king grew tired of the child. It was decided to put the child somewhere out of the way. Where the king couldn’t see or be bothered by him.

Soon the doctors said something about the youngster being “divergent”. Promptly and without warning locks were permanently placed on his bedroom door in the cold lonely tower. He was never again to be seen or heard by anyone it was decreed.

As the years passed, the boy grew lonely. Eventually he learnt ways in which he could escape his solitude through the gutters and then sewers into the city. He would always be found eventually, but while he was on the run he was human.

He did the things run away kids do by day … and by night. Eventually, he had his own drug den. “Not bad huh?!” he would often say proudly.

Soon the police were closing in on him.

By then, he had a girl. And as birds and bees do they made a baby. This was reason enough to abandon the far, far away land. The couple went in search for the chance of a real, new life in a new land a little further away.

As he sat on a musty train travelling to the land of London he thought of the possibilities. And he saw himself anew. He had hope. His brain deleted all his memories and buried them in the deepest recesses of his mind. Where even he could not find them. He was reborn. I was born.

From this moment on and for the next 20-odd years I had a reasonably “normal” life. I put myself through university. I then build myself a career in IT. I married … n times. I was active in the community. It was a simple but good life.

Until, one day, the king died.

As this happened, my brain unlocked those memories erased on the train to the land of London. And I was able to re-acquaint myself with my inner child.

As I began to heal my inner child, I became more aware, familiar, and accustomed to my neurodivergence. So, I made some changes that could accommodate my whole personality, wishes, and aspirations. Changes that helped me feel fulfilled. Changes that enabled me to be true to myself and undo the conditioning that had been so limiting.

Although not in a traditional sense, I followed a somewhat spiritual path that has led me to Reiki, Spiritual Healing, and Meditation.

This whole package has led me to increased self-awareness, inner joy, and inner peace.

Now, there are tips and tricks that I learnt to help me get through life. Ways to ease the struggle and to balance the successes. Options to not just survive, but to thrive (at least sometimes!).

But you may not want to go through the experiences I did to forge your Deadpool attitude. So, I am here to share what I learnt while I continue on my own life path.

There are a number of things that you can lean on me to develop:

  1. Surviving trauma
  2. Breaking the mould: un-conditioning
  3. Thriving after trauma
  4. Resilience the ND way
  5. Building self-confidence
  6. Balancing our inner and outer selves
  7. Making dissociation constructive
  8. Productive daydreaming and meditation
  9. Self-love the ND way

And much, much more.  All with a befriending approach!

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