My Commitment

I cannot promise that I will resolve your problems. Not even that you will be able to.

But I can promise you that I’ll stick by you on your journey for as long as you want me there. You are not alone!

It doesn’t matter whether you use my paid or free services.

Obviously, there is a lot that I WANT to do. From that, I then have to choose what I CAN do. After that, it is a matter of balancing that with what I NEED. And finally it comes down to what I DO.

An ND Society is what I want. It’s just a concept at the moment, but it is developing.

And obviously I’d very much welcome any kind of contribution (yeah, I want that!).

Whether ideas, or practical involvement, get in touch using the contact form, or use one of the chat buttons at either side of the bottom of the page.

What I can do, however, is to balance everything out, and

  • begin creating a local ND society pilot on a voluntary basis, by
  • providing some basic services

The befriending service is key to this, as it should enable connections between diverse local NDs.

Obviously, the project itself has needs, but so have I:

  1. ND Society needs
    1. a steering group, or as the Huffington Posts calls it a Mastermind Group
    2. members
  2. Like most other NDs I too can become reclusive and isolated at times, so befriending can be good for me too. As I can manage crowds and outside trips reasonably well I can see a synergy with what others may needs.

Then hopefully while people become involved we will be able to start planning how to expand on such projects. How to fund them. How to create an ND business community that can support and sustain a neurodiverse audience.

To conclude, everything I do, is with the goals of helping out create an idyllic “United Federation”-like society, starting from my befriending and well-being activities

So, please do take advantage of this opportunity to build bridges and to be a part of something hopeful. Get in touch.

I am looking for funding and in the meantime I am not charging for my activities. Feel free to buy me a cuppa if you think I earnt it 🙂

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