We will try to share everything we know and learn about well-being for neurodivergent people. What is different for us, and why.

Blog articles in this category include information about health and mental health.

Our main well-being service is our self-help group. I can also provide individual or group sessions of Reiki, Meditation, and Life coaching. And please don’t forget to check out my befriending services and my commitment to you.

Self-help group

Neurodivergent people tend to naturally develop a higher degree of resilience than neurotypical people. Possibly more by necessity than by choice. However, we also have less opportunities to recharge. This is partly due to our limited social interactions. However, in greater part it is because we do not receive the same validation and benefits of sharing our experiences with others if they are not also neurodivergent.

The purpose of these group sessions will be to enable people to express their experiences freely to other neurodivergent people, so that they can receive the validation and support they need and crave.

In its first iteration, there will be five sessions with the following topics:

  1. Introduction
  2. Masking
  3. Stimming
  4. Spins
  5. Resilience the ND way and Burnout

Although the subjects are set in advance, group members will be allowed to change the topic of the next session by majority vote. The session’s topic can only be changed in advance to give me the opportunity to prepare some material, if we decide to stray from the programme.

Groups are small, including only 3-5 attendees.

Skills and custom services:

I am also available for Reiki, Meditation, and Life Coaching sessions. Both one-to-one and group.


I will assume you already know about Reiki and only mention how I do it.

Unlike some practitioners, I do not do any touching and I do not move around shaking my hands all over your body. I find that very distracting.

I will simply lay my hands as little or as far from your head as you are comfortable with (usually 1-2 inches away), and start sending you the energy.

You will probably find it rather stimmy. I like the tingling sensation that I get. And if you have high interoception, the stims can be rather deep under your skin.

But, let’s be honest: Why would you want a session when you can learn it?

For NDs, it is much easier to learn and then give Reiki to yourself and your family. Then you do not have to worry about the sensory experience as you will be in charge.

Whatever you prefer, let’s have a chat.


Everybody has heard of Mindfulness. Yet, for the neurodivergent brain, that can be unsettling and achieve the opposite effects of what is intended.

On the one hand, being aware of the world around us can very extremely distracting if already prone to distractions. On the other, it could be overwhelming if you are sensitive to a range of sensory inputs and even cause agitation.

Knowing of the benefits of meditation and not being able to take advantage of such tool is frustrating to say the least.

Do not relent in your quest for inner peace. Even NDs can achieve it. We just go about it in a slightly different way. Probably thinking of meditation as a form of daydreaming may help in making it more accessible.

I can help you work out a custom type of meditation specifically attuned to your own abilities and sensitivities. Let’s talk!

I am looking for funding and in the meantime I am not charging for my activities. Feel free to buy me a cuppa if you think I earnt it 🙂

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