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We are neurodivergentnon-binaryplural, and with a long history of adverse childhood experiences. Yay 👏

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Our Services

Peer Support, Reiki, Gestalt Therapy, and Life Coaching to help you find inner peace.

Peer Support

Our peer support specialists are here to listen and be by side on your healing journey of self-discovery.


Learn to muster the healing power of Reiki, gentle therapy that restores balance to your mind, heart, body, and spirit.

Gestalt Therapy

Explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a safe and supportive environment, and discover new ways to cope and grow.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of peer support do you offer?

We offer both one-to-one and group based peer support options, and activities can include Reiki, Meditation, Life Coaching, and Functional Multiplicity Support. Read more about our Service based on Principles & Values of Peer Support

  • What makes peer support different from therapy?

Peer support is based on shared experiences and provides a space for individuals to connect and support each other. There are therapeutic elements, and we are qualified Holistic Therapists, but we are peers above all else. Read how ND UK’s Adhere To The NSUS Peer Support Charter

  • Do I need to be neurodivergent to access your peer support?

No, our peer support is open to anyone who resonates with our community and values. We welcome neurodivergent individuals, allies, and those seeking support and understanding.

  • How can peer support help me find inner peace?

Peer support provides a safe and understanding space for you to share and process your experiences. We validate and share your struggles.

Learn to savour every moment!

We, at ND UK, believe in the power of finding joy despite the adversities. Through Reiki, Gestalt Therapy, Life Coaching, and Peer Support, we have learned to heal ourselves and want to help others do the same.

Invent your own version of Zen! ☯️

Why the Peer Support over Therapy approach

As NDs, we have been through our fair share of challenges and we know how difficult it can be to just make it to nighttime. And it doesn’t get better when the sun sets.

As well as providing a holistic therapeutic skill set, our unique perspective and lived experiences allow us to provide relevant, empathetic, and more relevant support.

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Join us in finding inner peace.

A community of NDs ♾️⚧️😁

Our community at ND UK is made up of individuals with diverse neurologies and life experiences.