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Welcome to Neurodivergent UK 🥂

Your ND support network on tap!

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Here I showcase my very own brand of … well … erm … neurodivergence … 😏

I hope you will find my well-being and my befriending services helpful 😁. There is also a research section where I will be doing … research 🤓 … please take part, everyone is welcome, including neurotypicals! 😉

And, of course, don’t forget the blog’s neuroposts! 🧠

You can also find a very small section with some background stuff about me. If you want to know, please check my Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Quora pages. Or send me a message using WhatsApp (button on the bottom left of every page) or FB Messenger (button on the bottom right of every page).

I am looking for funding and in the meantime I am not charging for my activities. Feel free to buy me a cuppa if you think I earnt it 🙂

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