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We are neurodivergentnon-binaryplural, and with a long history of adverse childhood experiences. Yay 👏

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Resources: Dissociation and IFS Videos

Video Playlist of Lectures and Discussions on Dissociation and IFS. We keep adding new information as we view it if it is noteworthy.

Waltham Forest & Essex Safety Alert (NELFT +others)

The Essex Mental Health Independent Inquiry, led by Baroness Lampard, is investigating deaths of patients across NHS Trusts in Essex from 2000-2020. Local Residents are urged to contact the Inquiry with evidence and question local leaders about NELFT's role in patient safety and potential negligence.

How to work with Trauma survivors

We looked at how double empathy can affect the ability to help survivors, especially young people and we provided some pointers.

Handling “unexpected” panic attacks?

Panic attacks: I always expect one, yet, they are always unexpected! Here's some tips.

An ND society. A dream or a possibility?

All minorities have communities that support each other and provide relevant goods and services. We too can have a community by us for us. ♾️

Self-therapy: Introduction

I will use the self-therapy tag to share tips and tricks that I learnt or that others have shared to self-love, achieve joy, and let go of anger. All, in the spirit of "just saying ..." aka "I call it as I see it!" 😐

Trying to find words to explain dissociative disorders!

What Is dissociative Identity disorder? is one of the most common questions that we are asked on the subject. So, here is another attempt to answer in a meaningful and intelligible way. Hopefully we managed, let us know!

Functional Multiplicity Peer Support Group, Saturdays 19:00 GMT

Our Functional Multiplicity Peer Support Group, meeting Saturdays at 19:00 GMT, has three openings. It's designed for those with secondary dissociation and embraces all gender identities. We focus on weekly topics such as managing internal conflict and navigating daily life with dissociation.

Being A Plural: Experience Of A Child Alter

This post shares the experiences of a child alter and it is explanatory and analytical and shows how sys members who are supported can slowly heal.

Dissociation – A child host’s experience

There are some issues, especially in terms of continuity. However, I think that we are learning to use “dissociation” in many adaptive ways.

Experiences: Shadow work the autistic way

Our “pruning” problems give us the capacity to branch out concepts and ideas into full analyses of options and potential problem/solutions combination.

Experiences: ND Mental Health Controversies

I found that we are quite often not allowed to choose/request/accept the services we need and want; instead, we have to take what we are given and be grateful.

CSA in adulthood, a young survivor’s perspective

As a plural, CSA is experienced in many ways. For example, some in a collective may never have experienced it. Here is a young survivor's POV

Resources: Videos on Neurology and the Brain

Video Playlist of Lectures and Discussions on Dissociation and IFS. We keep adding new information as we view it if it is noteworthy.

Resources: Psychology and Psychiatry Videos

Video Playlist of Lectures and Discussions on Psychology. We keep adding new information as we view it if it is noteworthy. Some content may be controversial

Resources: Genetics, Epigenetics, and Biology

Video Playlist of Lectures and Discussions on Genetics. We keep adding new information as we view it if it is noteworthy. Some content may be controversial

Experiences: Overview of fast switching

Fast switching can be very unsettling both for us and those around us. Here Herbie gives an overview of how our Collective experiences this.

Resource: Gender related video playlist

Gender is a topic we never dared to approach. Here is a video playlist that I keep adding stuff to. hope you find it informative. ⚧️

Resources: Lecture collection behavioural biology

THis is a must-view for anyone who has any interest in behavioural biology. It's a lecture collection from STanford University with Prof. Sapolsky

Resources: Background knowledge on DNA 🧬

This is really just info for nerds like us, but we will talking about genetics and epigenetics, and if anyone wants some technical information, we are going to give you some resources here, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

ND Review: DID ≠ Psychosis

Psychoses and neurodivergence of any kind, including plurality, are an important subject. Unfortunately, psychotic behaviour is in the eyes of the beholder.