Experiences: Shadow work the autistic way

Here is another question on Quora, briefly talking about self-assessment and objectivity.

How do you mentally and psychologically evaluate yourself when you’re autistic?

Better and more thoroughly than neurotypicals, that’s certain.

Evidence suggests that our “pruning” problems give us not only greater neuroplasticity, but also a capacity to branch out concepts and ideas into full analyses of options and potential problem/solutions combination. Combine that with our unique compartmentalisation techniques and abilities, it gives us the ability to be very objective and analyse ourselves as we were spectators and critics (those who critique, not criticize!). The only limit is working memory.

So, we have greater potential to analyse ourselves in-depth and impartially.

Beside those amazing strengths, we do have one single weakness: focus.

If we don’t care about something, if it doesn’t capture our attention, if we don’t appreciate its value and validity, we will simply ignore it.

I know I realised some things one or two decades too late. Like someone’s look, or comment, or an interaction at work, or a career choice … mistakes that I wouldn’t have made if I had not been so “focused” on what I thought was important;

As I gained experience, I tried and make up for this “oversight” with research. I tend to make my personal, professional, mental, emotional, and spiritual developments part of my special interests.

That means I know more about those subjects than the average person, and I can keep an open mind as to what is relevant and what is not.

In this way, when I “overlook” something, it is by choice, rather than an oversight.

I still make A LOT of mistakes, but at least I learn from them. And what is most important is that while I learn, I don’t let those lessons make me bitter. I don’t have regrets. Everything I do is the right choice at that time, no matter how wrong it turns out to be in 10 years… I’m sure when I find out I made a mistake, I will learn from it.


I guess the final answer is that we will always make mistakes, but we tend to be objective, analytical, and impartial. So, as long as we keep an open mind and keep learning, this gives us an edge in being effective in self-analysis and personal development.

I hope this makes sense. We are thinking of writing something like a 10 steps guide to shadow work, but it will take time. This seemed the right answer now. 💜

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