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Click here for my CV. I am also DBS checked to work with children and vulnerable adults, get in touch if you require information, or to see copy of my certifications, memberships, etc.

If you want to keep up to date with the courses I complete, please refer to my CV, I i will try and update it regularly.

I will endeavour to keep a Resourcesection updated with papers and research that I follow, and I will use the blog to share useful information that I come across.

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Core principles

Peerless peers

  • Surviving is not enough!

We want everyone to thrive, not just survive. That means overcoming whatever is behind us, and enjoying what we can today! Everything we do at ND UK is geared towards helping people being happy and fulfilled.

  • Everyone is valid.

Being neurodivergent is a guarantee of uniqueness. The world is cruel enough and we don’t add to it. We try to understand, and when we can’t, we accept you and your reality.

  • We assume competence.

We are all different people with different logic and sensitivities. What works for someone, might not work for someone else. If something doesn’t work it means we need to find alternative options and solutions.

  • We learn everyday. Meeting someone who is completely different from ourselves teaches us something new.

I spend a lot of time learning and researching. That is at the core of my practice. And I am always willing to improve my knowledge, beliefs, perspective, and practice.

  • Sharing is caring.

It is important to share what we learn so that others can learn too. I will always share what I learn

  • The best price is free

I believe that money should not be an obstacle to receiving the help we need. That is why I am looking into ways to fund my activities so that I can be of help no matter what your financial situation is.

You can always pay what you can afford by using buy me a coffee. If you are able to pay for some of my work, it will help others too.

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Our experience

Diagnosed with Developmental Disorder in 1970, I experienced ABA 70s style, or as I call it, dog training. I was raised by the leader of a small sect and due to my gender non-conforming “presentation” was often !grilled”. If you follow me on Quoraor read our blog you can find a lot more details.

I developed a range of dissociative disorders and stressor related other symptoms as many of us have, so I have an in-depth appreciation of life on the edge of well-being.

Over time, I developed a range of increasingly adaptive coping mechanisms. Every now and then there is still a little crisis and avoiding burnout is a consideration.

Nonetheless, I have had a nice 25-year career in IT until a couple of years ago. In 2016 I also started taking a more spiritual and then holistic approach to life and decided to shift my focus. Yes, of course you guessed it, my special interests changed and I began my new career as a holistic practitioner, starting with Reiki, then mentoring and coaching, and now I have further developed my therapeutic skills with Gestalt Therapy, am studying Psychotherapy, and you can read more about my studies in my CV.

In true ND fashion, I love learning, and I keep as informed as possible and always share what I know freely, occasionally known as infodumping. Do bookmark us as the information will keep flowing.


On a one-to-one basis, you are always in charge.

Combining techniques spanning from mindfulness, Reiki, Gestalt Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and Coaching, we will help you define your needs and develop strategies to empower you to achieve your goals and a holistic balance.

Remember that we have had and still have experiences similar or to some degree comparable to your own. We have a deeper understanding developed through overcoming obstacles and believe in helping everyone fulfil their true potential.

We are available from a 5-MINUTE chat online to a 90-MINUTE online/F2F session, depending on how you feel you can be supported best. Sometimes it’s enough to have a quick vent, while others we may want to have a proper long talk … You are in charge!

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Functional Multiplicity Support Group

Sharing is caring …

The goal of the support group is to enable people to achieve the degree of functionality that they desire.

We all have differing perspective of what it means to be functional. Some may want a regular job, while others may prefer a more independent route. Some may wish to engage support services in a very personal and distinct way while others prefer to avoid that.

When a plural, there are additional challenges, such as time-sharing, conflicting opinions and goals, different need assessment and support requirement, unequal mental, emotional, and cognitive capabilities, etc.

The group aims to bring people together to talk about their difficulties, share their successes, and overall be supportive to one another.

Below (or open from here) is an outline of the goals, objectives, and initial guidelines of the groups. Get in touch: WhatsApp Button Small to book a place or discuss your requirements


Obviously, it is not always about talking to a professional. It’s good to talk, in any possible way. So, we are working on establishing and supporting a community that can meet and interact through a range of media:


Join us on Discord. Fully fitted with PluralKit so you can let all your headmates/selves/alters/parts/etc. speak directly, or you can just use it old-school like we do!


X (Twitter)


These profiles are quite dynamic and reflect changes in our main selves’ life. As we progress on our own journey of Functional Multiplicity, we chronicle our different experiences.


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