ND UK’s Adhere To The NSUS Peer Support Charter

Principles & Values of Peer Support

We are a proud user-led group member of the National Survivor User Network and encorage everyone to become individual members.

See the Peer Support Charter:

Our focus

Our specific focus is in supporting individuals’ journeys to improve their quality of life while validating their struggles and identity with empathy and trust.

  • Surviving is not enough!

First of all, we wish for everyone to thrive, not just survive. That means overcoming whatever is behind us, and enjoying what we can today! Everything we do at ND UK is geared towards helping people being happy and feeling fulfilled.

  • We celebrate Survivors’ Strength and Resilience.

Surviving takes superhuman Strength. Surviving daily requires exceptional Resilience. We celebrate you!

  • Everyone is valid.

Being neurodivergent is a guarantee of uniqueness. The world is cruel enough and we don’t add to it. We try to understand, and when we can’t, we accept you and your reality unreservedely.

  • We assume competence.

We are all different people with different logic and sensitivities. What works for someone, might not work for someone else. If something doesn’t work it means we support you in finding options and solutions that work for you.

  • We learn everyday.

Meeting someone who is completely different from ourselves teaches us something new. We are personally invested in learning and researching. That is at the core of our practice. We consistently strive to improve knowledge, beliefs, perspectives, and practices.

  • Sharing is caring.

It is important to share what we learn so that others can learn too. We always share freelywhat we learn.

  • The best price is free

We believe that money should not be an obstacle to receiving the help we need. That is why we continually seek ways to fund our activities; we want to help no matter what your financial situation is.

You can always pay what you can afford by using buy me a coffee. If you are able to pay for some of our work, it will help others too.

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