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We are neurodivergentnon-binaryplural, and with a long history of adverse childhood experiences. Yay 👏

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Experience: Child parts on their healing journey

We encourage our inner fam to express themselves and to post on the Blog. Here Teo, one of the littles, talks about healing

CSA in adulthood, a young survivor’s perspective

As a plural, CSA is experienced in many ways. For example, some in a collective may never have experienced it. Here is a young survivor's POV

Experiences: Overview of fast switching

Fast switching can be very unsettling both for us and those around us. Here Herbie gives an overview of how our Collective experiences this.

ADHD resilience: Being happy with Oneself

From personal experience, ADHDers are very resourceful. Helplessness is certainly a learnt trait, ADHD resilience comes from Being happy with Oneself

Structural Dissociation and Internal relationships

Internal relationships can be complicated and depend on many factors. Here are some thoughts from some of our younger insiders.

An old Host reawakens

Our most successful Host of 20 years went dormant for a while and recently came back to us. Here they are telling their System's story


Resources are messy, sorry, we read a lot, and forget a lot too … We will try and keep all posts in the category ND Review and also the tag ND Review. We will try and be as disciplined as possible. This page is mainly to give you access to stuff that is not, or likely not to […]

ND Review: DID ≠ Psychosis

Psychoses and neurodivergence of any kind, including plurality, are an important subject. Unfortunately, psychotic behaviour is in the eyes of the beholder.

Waltham Forest & Essex Alert

Do you live in Waltham Forest or Essex? Ask your Community Leaders, MPs, and Councillors: Not only this, ask them why there is so much crime in our area at the moment … There is so much angst locally … people are walking the streets sad and fearful … We have always been diverse as a community, and […]

Examples of functional blending

Functional blending of alters and selves can be managed well in a reasonably stable system. Read some tips from one of our hosts

Dealing with CSA as Adults

I want to focus on coping mechanisms and healing strategies and do not want to talk directly about the experiences of CSA, but Trigger Warning in case.

Dissociated Consciousness

We perceive Consciousness in 4 different dimensions with time being a potential focal point, or what we call The Now-Space.

The struggle is real

I probably shouldn’t post anything. I am one of the Dark Ones, and I guess a trigger warning is appropriate. I don’t really mind the others, actually I love them, and they love me, it’s good, it’s the first time that I found people who love me. But yeah, the struggle is real … remembering […]

Assessing our evolution (Feb 2024)

Since discovering being plural, how has our system evolved along the way? Self-analysis and brutal honesty are always essential to progress. A bitter truth is better than a sweet lie!

Introducing Our Inner Family

Are you a plural? According to Internal Family Systems (a proven psychotherapy approach used to treat PTSD and a range of other severe dissociative disorders) everybody is a plural, so there is nothing to be concerned about! Once we combine that with the Theory of Structural Dissociation it is quite intuitive to see how distinct […]