Medical gaslighting


Over the past few years, I have been subjected to something new, but that seems to have become a trend: medical gaslighting

Also see the blog post NHS Gaslighting – What to look out for!

I am looking into what kind of help is available and I am hoping to be able to present experiences from other people too and start an awareness campaign.


I would be very grateful if you could share your experience of medical gaslighting. I am especially interested in neurodivergent people, but I would be really happy if everyone and anyone contributed. I am sure this is a problem affecting a lot of people.

If you prefer to contact me directly, you can:

  1. email me, or 
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  3. use the message button on my website


What is medical gaslighting

Dealing with medical gaslighting

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Thank you for taking part!

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I am looking for funding and in the meantime I am not charging for my activities. Feel free to buy me a cuppa if you think I earnt it 🙂

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