Resources: Background knowledge on DNA 🧬

This is really just info for nerds like us, but we have a link to an introduction to genetics here that is a little less nerdy.

will talking about genetics and epigenetics, and if anyone wants some technical information, we are going to give you some resources here.

We are not especially interested in biology and prefer to focus on consciousness. However, it cannot be denied that we are bioengineered creatures and our cognition and consciousness is the product of biological processes … So we try and keep a look out for information that is useful and detailed, but within reason … otherwise we may need a new hippocampus 😁

Nonetheless, we enjoyed these videos and we hope you do too.

First video gives some details of the Cell Biology | DNA Structure & Organization 🧬

While the next looks at Cell Biology | DNA Replication 🧬

Next is Cell Biology | DNA Transcription 🧬

Next on is Cell Biology | Translation: Protein Synthesis 🧬

This gives you a basic introduction to the stuff, more by looking at posts about genetics and epigenetics