Waltham Forest & Essex Safety Alert (NELFT +others)

Do you live in Waltham Forest or Essex?

Check our partner websitefor more info where we will be looking into the deaths of patients in the care of NELFT. We will show how the same strategies used to “manage” in-patients are so “successful” in eliminating those who complain that they are also being applied to out-patients.

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Update on the Lampard Inquiry

In June 2023, it was announced that the Essex Mental Health Independent Inquiry would be granted statutory status under the Inquiries Act 2005 and in November of last year, the Inquiry team announced its first call for evidence and invited families, friends, and carers of inpatients who died across NHS Trusts in Essex between 2000-2020, and anyone else with experience of inpatient mental health care in Essex between 2000-2020 to come forward. On 1 November 2023, Baroness Lampard launched a public consultation on the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference which closed on 28 November 2023.

Following the public consultation process, Baroness Lampard sent her proposed Terms of Reference to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care in mid-December 2023. The Inquiry is currently waiting to receive the final Terms of Reference as set by the Minister.

In the absence of the Terms of Reference, Baroness Lampard has been unable to begin her substantive work of the Inquiry. While the statutory Inquiry is in the process of being set up and the Terms of Reference are being finalised, no new evidence is being received. However, the Inquiry website says “You are welcome to contact us now to let us know you would like to provide evidence. We will respond with further details around providing evidence in due course.”

The contact details for the Inquiry are as follows:

  • Email: contact@lampardinquiry.org.uk
  • Telephone (voicemail): 0207 972 3500
  • Alternatively, you can write to the Inquiry via the following postal address: The Lampard Inquiry, PO Box 78136, LONDON, SW1P 9WW.

Find out about Baroness Lampard inquiry into NELFT and other NHS Trusts in Essex

Do you live in Waltham Forest or Essex?

Ask your Community Leaders, MPs, and Councillors:

Not only this, ask them why there is so much crime in our area at the moment … There is so much angst locally … people are walking the streets sad and fearful …

We have always been diverse as a community, and that hasn’t caused divisions in the past.

What has changed? Did the pandemic cause this? Or are our community leaders complacent in their “seats of power”?

I am not a politician and I am not an activist, but I want answers to these questions.

About being a targeted person

Are we safe?