Handling “unexpected” panic attacks?

Well, I always expect one, yet, they are always unexpected! does that make sense?

It does really depends on how bad it knocks me out … with some of them everything goes black and are much more difficult to get over …

These are some tips:

  1. I plan my routes where there are frequent benches and green areas. I never know when I may need to stop,
  2. I allow extra time for all my journeys,
  3. I make sure to have emergency vape (Medicinal cannabis, or whatever your emergency rations are) on me to help deal with sudden anxiety,
  4. Try to stick walk near a wall or handrail in case need to grab on to something,
  5. Have water/liquids, and possibly a sugary/savoury snack to help with energy levels if needed,
  6. Wear a headset and have prepared a few soothing playlist to help on different occasions,
  7. Always have an exit strategy, or just be prepared to abandon any activity and go home,
  8. Practice recovery, learning to recover from an episode can still allow me to have a decent day.
  9. Micro-meditations … so to speak … rarely work but it’s an extra tool in the arsenal.

I think that covers the basics. Obviously one can add things like having their therapist on speed dial and amazon delivering extra munchies at set stages … or anything you like! But this should provide the essential coping tools. 💜

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