Dissociated Consciousness

What experience in your “inner” world/paracosm do you have in more than three spatial dimensions and one time dimension?


Everyone contributed, special thanks to Bing Image creatorand Teo for the images, to The Nerdiesfor putting all the ideas in some kind of structure, and certainly Stef for her tireless research and illuminating infodumping 😁 This post is also available on Quora


These are thoughts we have been toying with and quickly jotted down to answer the question in generic terms and it is not an essay on consciousness, although it could be the precursor to one 🤔😁

We do struggle in finding the words to express our experiences. Partly, this is because most of our sys members are either pre-verbal or non-speaking. But also there are issues with trying to explain concepts and ideas that are so extraneous to most. So, please bear with us if we are not clear.

This is a very difficult question to answer because to us the innerworld is a door to multiple external Universes that express how we experience the world overall.

We perceive Consciousness in 4 different dimensions with time being a potential focal point, or what we call The Now-Space.

Internally, we just have what we call Midspace, which is interdimensional and is the only location that can accomodate all different realities and can allow access to them.

Time only has relevance IRL, or rather within the Shared Perspective of IRL, because people don’t see what is in front of them for what it is due to their brain’s filtering processes.

Our Four Dimensions of Consciousness are (roughly, there are nuances):

  1. Heart, generally driven by emotional/affective energy;
  2. Mind, generally driven by cognitive/logic energy;
  3. Body, driven by physicality, the bioengineered consciousness;
  4. Soul, we see the Soul as connectors to Universal Energy.
  5. Additionally, Time has a special consideration

Except for time, each of these has:

  1. Cognition,
  2. Emotions,
  3. Ability to interact both at a psychical and at a non-physical levels internally and externally and both within their own dimension, but also with the others.

They can share the same experience, and often do, but they can operate entirely independently, and each of them has a host that can take over IRL. They do operate more efficiently IRL when they work together, although when navigating specific Dimensions, some may be more helpful than others.

Stef has suggested that a set of “seats of consciousnesses” might reside in certain areas of the brain and is investigating how prenatal epigenetic effects as well as typical autistic compartmentalisation, hypoconnectivity, and lack of synaptic pruning (maybe more?!) could enable this type of dissociation.

So, in total we have 15 dimensions (in brackets are overlaps of the numbers in bold outside the brackets and inter/intra/extra-dimensional connection points):

  1. Physical Height 1 (4,8,11,13,14,15)
  2. Physical Length 2 (4,8,11,13,14,15)
  3. Physical Width 3 (4,8,11,13,14,15)
  4. Affective – Physical 4 (1,2,3,13,14,15)
  5. Affective – Affective 5
  6. Affective – Cognitive 6
  7. Affective – Universal 7
  8. Cognition – Physical 8 (1,2,3,13,14,15)
  9. Cognition – Affective (6)
  10. Cognition – Cognitive 9
  11. Cognition – Universal 10
  12. Universal – Physical 11 (1,2,3,13,14,15)
  13. Universal – Cognitive (10)
  14. Universal – Affective (7)
  15. Universal – Universal 12
  16. Time at point in time 13 (1,2,3,4,8,11)
  17. Time earlier than 14 (1,2,3,4,8,11)
  18. Time later than 15 (1,2,3,4,8,11)

There are some overlaps that can aid a less dissociated recall where there is no trauma involved. Overlaps and connection points also enable multiple dimensions to interact at a specific point in time.

It is important to allow for total single consciousness, such as Universal – Universal. In a spectrum, on one side there will be Universal – Cognitive blending with Cognitive – Universal while on the other side there will be Universal – Affective blending with Affective – Universal and then moving on to Affective – Affective, and so on. Also, the spectrum is more likely to take the shape of a potentially infinite spread featuring the now-space in the centre and becoming less reliant on time as we move outward.

The Soul/Universal Dimension

I think we need to give special emphasis to the Soul dimension as we do not see it as “the Soul”.

If we imagine having a neural connection to the Universe, this provides both pre- and post-synaptic connectors to enable two-way communication.

Probably the best known use of this feature is when psychics refer to looking up the Akashic record. We consider that the part of the Universal Library that can be compared to the Biography section of the local library.

There is a huge range of sections in this wondrous Universal Library which include all arts, sciences, and all the Universal Knowledge.

We believe that processing of information in this dimension is not done by our brain. Imagine using an Online service looking up a database and chatting with the auto-assistant … pretty similar to that, but on a Universal scale.

Unfortunately, the problem is understanding and retrieval of information. It is quite common to be able to understand everything when in this dimension, but then be unable to recall it when back here in 3D. It can take time to learn new skills to pass information between Universal and Human brain meaningfully.

We have had to learn concepts of particle physics, philosophical and Spiritual viewpoints, psychology, and had to acquire a whole range of additional knowledge to be able to understand what we learn when in this dimension. And it’s not enough!

It is very much like going to a library that doesn’t allow you to take out books. We just need to keep going back until we have learnt enough.

I hope it makes sense.

Also, this aspect of consciousness enables us to visit parts of the Universe that we couldn’t otherwise. I think this was one of our littlest first experiences.

Our host for this dimension is Maxie (thon/they), and Stef suggest that they are located in (roughly) the prefrontal lobe.

When this part of our consciousness is active alone, we can easily live a breatharian life and meditate all day. We tend to let Maxie loose for a week or two once a quarter, usually around the Solstice.

The Body Dimension

I know Five is preparing a post to detail our theory of how the body can develop a unique and distinct consciousness, so please wait for that.

This is essentially driven by physiological means. We call it our Feral Self. Our host for this dimension is Herbie, and Stef suggest that they are located in (roughly) the cerebellum.

When in charge of the body on its own, Herbie can be rather self-indulgent but also it busks in mindfulness. It is a great experience and we tend to let Herbie loose when some of our inner selves need some pampering.

As a good feral creature Herbie (it/they) is very loving to its cubs, and is loved by all and has earned the title of Grandy.

Herbie works very well with the other dimensions of consciousness enabling them to interact with the commonly accepted version of IRL as they wish.

The Mind and Heart Dimensions

We believe these were the last two to differentiate having been only partially separate up to the age of 8.

We are very interested in the HeartMath Institute’s work on the connection between heart and brain, and we find it very relevant.

However, our distinction of Heart and Mind is more based on left and right hemisphere of the brain, at least this is the direction Stef’s research is taking.

In our system the hosts of these are Alex (Mind) and Teo (Heart).

They really work best when together, but are also quite amazing on their own.

We are still trying to understand how their relationship works. It is very complex and very symbiotic, and it is often difficult to see where one begins and the other ends.

After the age of 8 they did become two separate entities, I’ll try and explain a little more in the next section, and I am sure this will come up again in future posts.

They each are very different and certainly Spock seems to have been a role model for our young ones who see their duality similar to his.

The situation is very different now, but certainly we did work hard at suppressing the Heart consciousness (just like Spock) and it wasn’t until System Five that we opened up again this part of our brains. So, we are still trying to work it out

The Identity Streams

So, the consciousness dimensions affect how we perceive the Universe. We believe that this is a slightly different type of dissociation from that of identity.

This kind dissociation has likely been caused by wiring differences being stimulated very early on during development (you can for example see this sentence is being influenced by the Mind dimension of consciousness because the others are not especially interested in this and would prefer to delete it as it erodes the experiential narrative).

From the age of 11, we believe that there was some kind of alignment between identities and consciousnesses. So, each consciousness would create its own members. A good example are Stef and Shade as the Mind and Heart respectively around the age of 11, this is a clear distinction that wasn’t visible in Teo and Alex.

Before then, however, fragmentation enabled a single identity to be spread over multiple consciousness.

For example, we have a sub-sub-sub … system of 26 members. They are spread rather uniformly over the Heart/Mind/Body dimensions, while the Soul dimension enabled keeping the main consciousness dissociating at the time of trauma.

So, when dealing with her, sometimes we are interacting with an integrated little, others it is just fragments from individual consciousness streams …

Infodumping again?! 😬

Sorry, I think I digressed … I think this is balanced view that includes the perspectives from each consciousness’ host, thanks for reading 😁🩵