Self-therapy: Introduction

Here’s my first post on self-therapy.

Therapy? I prefer validation to therapy. I am my own therapist!

I’ve been saying this a lot this millennium

I only tried therapy a couple of times and I found it to be either useless, or abusive 😱. I am kind of old. My whole life I managed my wild emotions with logic and meditation (as well as the occasional outburst to acknowledge and express their breadth and depth)😁 and it served me well.

Over the years I must admit to many trials and a lot of errors πŸ§ͺ. But therapists do exactly the same. At least this way I am in charge of my own well-being.

I just don’t believe that the average therapist has the mental acuity or emotional maturity to even accept neurodivergents’ reality, let alone understand it 😦. Even the most well-meaning professional can cause untold damage to the already traumatized minds that cross their path simply by having the wrong attitude, perspective, and rushed “understanding” πŸ˜“.

But that’s ok. πŸ‘πŸΌThey seem to do a lot of good to many people. So, maybe I’m just part of a niche that is beyond the understanding of standard psychology. The obvious solution is self-therapy! πŸ€“

I know some people prefer to rely on a therapist. And that is absolutely fine. I do try and study comprehensively psychotherapy, behavioural biology, the philosophical implications of quantum mechanics and string theory, etc. too. It is exciting stuff πŸ€“. But I do prefer the comfort of structured unintrusive non-therapy that only I can provide in my self-therapy sessions πŸ˜‰.

I must admit, from professionals I would prefer some sort of validation βœ…. Someone who accepts my version of life without question will do much more for my well-being than any therapist ever will (see my Befriending and Self-help group pages for how I can help you get your validation! Yay! ) πŸ’œ

And, I’ve tried so many strategies, that I can now share some. How to practice self-love, self-care, and self-determination! 🀞🏼

To conclude this already exceedingly boring post πŸ₯±, I will use the self-therapy tag to share tips and tricks that I learnt or that others have shared to self-love, achieve joy, and let go of anger. All, in the spirit of “just saying …” aka “I call it as I see it!” 😐

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