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Experiences: ND Mental Health Controversies

I found that we are quite often not allowed to choose/request/accept the services we need and want; instead, we have to take what we are given and be grateful.

Resource: Gender related video playlist

Gender is a topic we never dared to approach. Here is a video playlist that I keep adding stuff to. hope you find it informative. ⚧️

Resources: Lecture collection behavioural biology

THis is a must-view for anyone who has any interest in behavioural biology. It's a lecture collection from STanford University with Prof. Sapolsky


Resources are messy, sorry, we read a lot, and forget a lot too … We will try and keep all posts in the category ND Review and also the tag ND Review. We will try and be as disciplined as possible. This page is mainly to give you access to stuff that is not, or likely not to […]

ND Review: DID ≠ Psychosis

Psychoses and neurodivergence of any kind, including plurality, are an important subject. Unfortunately, psychotic behaviour is in the eyes of the beholder.

ND Review: Adverse childhood experiences

ACE Tests are old, American, and give very limited scenarios where they expect certain types of abuse of occur. Read the ND Review for an overview.

An ND society. A dream or a possibility?

All minorities have communities that support each other and provide relevant goods and services. We too can have a community by us for us. ♾️